Monday, 29 July 2013

My....... boy is 14 years old today. 
Happy Birthday Zachary. 
Zachary is waiting for his present from us as it is still on its way here. 
The mail takes a long time to get here......
Pictures when it comes....

Grandma is staying in hospital for a few days they said so they can do more tests. 
They are not sure if she has had a small heart attack. 
X-rays showed she has heart disease and a small blockage......this was relayed by grandma. 
So I hope we know more tomorrow. 
The boys and I went to see her this evening and she was really good......but she is in the right spot at the moment if she is having chest pain. 

Zachary requested lasagne for tea but as we went to visit granny I didn't get time to make it ..... so he asked for KFC. 
The lasagne will be for tomorrow now. 

I have pressed all 16 of the purses that I made over the last 3 days and cut out some that are waiting in line. 

And some got glued today as well. 

Until Next Time. 

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