Wednesday, 31 July 2013


My brother Greg called this morning to say he was here and could I come get him. 
So off I went.......the depot isn't too far away. 
I made everyone lunch........
And Jacob took Zachary's lunch down to the school for him. 

Zachary's second part of his birthday present came today. 
He's just having trouble with the battery not working or charging properly. 
He may have to go to the RC shop to see what can be done. 

My brother bought one of my handbags and matching 9cm coin purses for his partner. 
I did give him a big discount though. 

Granny came for a ride when I dropped him back at the depot...... 

DH was supposed to go to work tonight for his last nightshift but he has had a migraine for a couple of days and he is starting to feel sick with it. 
So I made him call in sick. 
I hope he has a good sleep and feels better tomorrow. 

Until Next Time. 

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