Tuesday, 30 July 2013

All Well.......

First off ....... grandma is home and much better. 
Good news.....there was no heart attack. 
But the small blockage was the cause of the pain and she does have heart disease. 
They have changed her medication as well. 
So we will just see how it all goes. 
As we were told nothing from the hospital we went to visit grandma and when we got there they said she was right to go home. 
They have lovely communication skills there.......!!!!!!!

Half of Zachary's birthday present came today.....,

Looks like a big bug.....
But this is it in action. 

It's a weird looking helicopter thingy......!
It handles really well for someone that can use a remote control. 
But not me. 

Zachary got his lasagne tonight. 
DH cooked chickens on the BBQ today do now we have cold meat and we made soup too. 

We have decided to go on a soup eating plan (diet)......lol. 
Grandma will like it , as she always said ...."when I get old I will have soup every day"

I have been gluing and sewing linings today in between all the other stuff. 

Until Next Time. 

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