Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Busy Again........

Today was my weekly appointment at the chiropractor. 
On the way home I went to spotlight for some iron on pellon. 
I found more cute owl fabric too. 
I did put the pellon to good use already and have a handbag ready to sew. 

As 'Rivers' was opposite spotlight grandma wanted to go in and have a look. 

Then to the supermarket.........
Which made it a long day......as we left home at 8.30 am and got home after 1pm. 

DH was awake when we got home so he helped with the carting it all inside. 

We bought chickens for tea and DH cooked them in the BBQ on the rotisserie   OMG.....they were beautiful !!!!
He's done it now.......I told DH he will have to cook all the meat outside on the BBQ from now on......!!

This afternoon a bushfire flared up from yesterday and boy was the smoke bad......

I'm standing in our driveway.....looking down towards Zachary's school. 
The fire was quite a fair way away but the smoke drifted our way. 
The news said some houses were threatened out in the rural areas. 

It was an early morning today as the 7am starts are back as Zachary went back to school for 3rd term. 

Now we will look forward to the weekends for a sleep in......

Until Next Time. 

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