Thursday, 27 October 2011


 We have 17 new arrivals.
Wow !
We can't believe so many hatched.

 So cute.

 Some of the roses that are blooming at the moment.
See the corn in the background.

 DH and I picked a 10 litre bucket full of peas.
A pity we don't get a 10 litre bucket of the little things out of them. Lol.
It will be a job for tomorrow.

I have added a few more hexies.

 But this is what I have been doing today.
Remember those little triangles from the Jelly Roll Race Quilt that were left after joining all the strips, well I sewed them all together.
As I didn't have enough half square triangles to finish both sides of the purse, I used the 18" piece that you cut off before you start the quilt to make up one side.

 One side  with the half square triangles.

And the other with a mix  of squares and strips.
I really don't like to throw things away, and for bits that were destined for the bin I think it's going to look great.
It will go to someone for Christmas.

Grandma, Mum and Bruce arrived home safely from South Australia, just after 8pm tonight .
A very long day for Mum and Bruce as  they left home this morning.
A 6 hour drive each way.

The girls layed 17 eggs today.

 Until Next Time.


Impera_Magna said...

Congratulations on all your newly hatched chicks! What fun.... I was reading up on how to keep hens for eggs... mebbe when I retire...

Beautiful roses... love garden peas! I'll help shell...

I don't like to waste fabrics either... you're going to have a lovely purse when you're done!

Sarah said...

Congrats on the 17 little fuzzy ones. Can't wait to see how your purse evolves...I love projects that use leftover pieces!

Mary said...

17 chicks and 17 eggs. That makes a banner day. Love the pictures of the roses.

Kylie Lloyd said...

the purse is going to be very cute...

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