Monday, 2 January 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot............

While DH was sleeping this morning I slipped out to my shed and did some sewing.......

I have sewn the first 2 rows of blocks together , and the next 2 rows into pairs.

I also got some leader and enders done for the borders,

Then tonight when DH went to have another sleep before work Zac and I went back out to the shed and he had some fun on the treadle with some paper.

As you can see he had his Nerf gun with him.
And the little red round thing you can see near the bobbin , he had just finished making it.
It's just 2 circles sewn together by hand ( he's a lefty ) so I have trouble showing him things.
Then he stuffed it and whip stitched it close and used it for target practise for his gun.

I have joined  Just Takes 2.
This is block 1.
The link is on the side bar.

I have decided to use pink and cream.
All different pinks and creams.
I just have to applique the circle down.

I am so glad for air conditioning.
It's so hot.

The girls layed 13 eggs today.
And they aren't enjoying the heat.

Until Next Time.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Looks like you might have a sewing partner-in-crime in the making!

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