Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Nearly Hot !

We have experienced a very , very warm day.
Not that it effected me , as I had goosebumps from standing under the A/C at work.
I think it was 33 degrees ( it was last I heard )
Tomorrow they are predicting 37 degrees.....won't that test us out.

I have only added one hexie this morning before I went to work.
But it will be finished tomorrow !!!
I promise.......

Happy Birthday to my baby brother Gregory.......he is 37 today.

The eggs weren't picked up tonight.

Kentucky Derby

Until Next Time.


Sarah said...

Isn't that the worst - when the AC is waaaaaay too cold :(

Doniene said...

Kentucky Derby is my favorite of all the roses you have posted!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!

Hope it doesn't get too hot!! We're heading into our cooler weather and so enjoying it!!

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