Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Holiday Time

I'm on holiday's.
Yay !!
I go back to work on the 3rd of January , so I will have a nice break.

Today block no. 6 arrived of Mrs. Billings Coverlet.
( I haven't even finished block 1 )
But it is started. Lol.

The 2 dresses looking rather fine !
I ran out of time to get buttons today as we got to talking at work and I left late.
But I will get them tomorrow.
Which is something I am not looking forward to.
There is going to be sooooo many people in town.
I have just a few more things to get .

Zachary's school shirt signed by just about everyone at school.

Something to keep forever.

And the view from our front gate looking up the drive.
Our beautiful Agapanthus.

The girls layed an even dozen today.

Until Next Time.


Simone said...

Love the dresses. I have a little girl who might like one. Will have to get organized.
Good luck with shopping, I will be going late night shopping on Friday

sandra said...

Love the dresses Michelle, hope the girls love them too!

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