Thursday, 1 December 2011

Summer Time.!

This is the Trip Around the World quilt top that needs to go to the LAQ.
The thing is huge so I couldn't get it all in the photo.
I was standing on my cutting table with my head on the ceiling.

 A bit of a close up.
I have made the back of my cushion and attatched the binding today.
And started to sew the binding down.
I have also started to quilt my  " Race " quilt.

Our 14 babies are getting fatter.
There is one that we may keep as a rooster. I think it may turn out a silver colour.
Our mama chook is sitting on eggs and some have started to hatch today. So in the morning we may have some more babies.

The girls layed 14 eggs today.

Our cat Ginger.
I took this last night , he was nearly asleep when I snuck up on him.
Weird pose.

Until Next time.


Sarah said...

Great photo of Ginger. He does look pretty sleepy.

Mary said...

I have a hard time getting pictures of large quilts too. Isn't it remarkable the positions a cat can get into and seem perfectly comfortable?

Impera_Magna said...

I've never had a cat but how in the world can Ginger get into a position like that??? Wow...

Love your TATW quilt... beautiful colors!

New baby chicks and teenage chicks and grown up chickens who keep you in eggs... sounds pretty dern nice to me!

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