Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Last Minute Madness

Tonight after I got home from work , and after we had tea I went out to the sewing room and made the next dress.
 And silly me forgot a photo !!
They look so good ( even if I do say so myself )
Tomorrow I will have to buy some buttons and finish them off.

I also have 2 book panels to make up for a niece and nephew that are 9 months old .
From experience , children that age like the wrapping paper more than what the present is.
So I will be spending the next few nights out in my sewing room.

As I got an early minute ( 30 actually ) from work today I had time to get grandma's present.

I had this photo enlarged to fit an 11"x14" frame.
She is going to love it.
It's wrapped and under the tree already.

Zachary had his grade 6 break up dinner at the Tooleybuc Club and then they played mini golf.
He said he had a great time.

Only 5 more sleeps.

The girls layed 11 eggs today.

Until Next Time.


LuAnn said...

I can enlarge the rose photo to make it pretty big on my computer, and it is just perfect. Your Grandma will just love it. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas.

Mary said...

We're in the midst of last minute madness too! Hope you can find a way to catch your breath during the day. Your photo of the rose is beautiful.

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